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The Preparatory (Prep) year is the first year of school for your child. It is a compulsory, full-time program that runs five days per week. Your child is expected to attend full-time in order to get the most from the Prep year.
Age is the only criterion for enrolment in the Prep year for Queensland children. Your child must be 5 by 30 June in the year they enrol in Prep.​ 

Enrolment Age Variations​
Parents enrolling their child in school have the option of an early or delayed start. Enrolment age variations may be due to a child’s development and readiness, and could improve their ability to learn. 


Start to Prep

It is not compulsory for your child to attend the Prep year as soon as they are old enough—5 by 30 June in the year they enrol. You can delay their entry by 1 year if you feel they are not ready, but when they start school, they should still start in the Prep year. 

Parents who decide to delay their child’s start in Prep may choose to keep their child at home, or in an:



Students with Disability
All children are entitled to attend the Prep Year at their local state school.

Schools provide support services to assist students with disability so they can be included in local Prep classes.

Find more information for students with disability, including information on the: 


Education Adjustment Program 

Legislative Provision for Early Entry to the Prep Year

If you are moving to Queensland from another State or country, it may be possible to enrol your child in the Prep year IF the Principal in a non-state school or the Principal’s supervisor for a state school is satisfied that the child:
  • had started education in another state or country that is equivalent to the Prep year; and
  • is ready for education in the Prep year, having regard to the child’s attributes including aptitude and ability, social and emotional competence, and physical development.

If your child meets
both criteria, you could apply for early entry to the Prep year.

In 2015 new legislation was passed for children who turn 5 by the 31st July to also be considered for early entry to Prep.  The decision will depend upon your child’s readiness for school and will be made by the school Principal after a internal formal testing process.  If you would like your child to be considered for early entry please contact the school to arrange an interview and go on the schools waiting list.